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United Humanitarians helped remove my dog's tumor and just 5 days after the surgery, he's acting normal again! Thanks, UH!! 


Mr. John Anderson
Dog Owner

about our clinic

Historical building built in 1928!


United Humanitarians was charted as a non for profit, anti-cruelty organization in California in 1969. Our organization is TOTALLY dependent on voluntary donations and devotes all its efforts to battle against every form of cruelty, to every creature, wherever it may be found. We believe that that cruelty, abuse and neglect to any creature that cannot speak for or defend itself is immoral. We are dedicated to doing everything possible within the limits of our resources to combat such cruelty.                           

low cost

good service

It is our goal to provide the best possible care  to both you and your best friend at a great price. Low Cost spay and Neuter


Our facility is equipped to house dogs and cats  prior to and following any medical procedure.


During an exam, we perform a "nose to tail" evaluation of your pet.

United Humanitarians A Corp. Vaccinations Heartworm Prevention And Surgery

                     Pet Care in Brevard County since 1973!!
 United Humanitarians
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